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Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

How to Create Baloon air?

. Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

At this time, we will tell you hoe to create a nice baloon air using corel draw X4, but if you don’t have corel draw X4, poor you! . Ok, without waste the time, i will teach step by step how to create baloon air, take it easy..

1. Open coreldraw X4, i am sure you can do it.

2. Now serious. Press [F7] or click [Ellipse Tool] at toolbox to create a circle. Then create triangle using [Polygon tool] or press [Y] . Fill 3 at “Number of points or side...”menu at toolbar. Then take it like this picture.

3. Combine the triangle and the circle. Press [Ctrl] + [A], then click [weld] at toolbar. Press [Shift] then pull the left side until like this. Then fill it with the colour you like.

4. Click [Ctrl] + [C] to copy it, then press [Ctrl] + [V]. Give the duplicate with the new colout that different with orriginal shape.

5. Do step 4 many times until it create a baloon fold, likes the picture. Press [Ctrl] + [A] then press [Ctrl] + [G] to combine.

6. Create a box under this baloon using [Rectangle Tool].you can create a wire that conduct the box and the baloob using [Bezier Tool]. Then colour it.

7. Now we will create a cloud. Create some circle and take it gradienly, like this picture. Then combine this.

8. Now the cloud is ready, put the cloud in front of the baloon or behind the baloon. If you want to take it behind this baloon, click your cloud then press [Ctrl] + [Page Down]

Is it easy??

sorry about my poor english
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